• A strong propensity for programming
  • Well versed in Mathematics, Statistics, and Probability
  • Analytical and problem solver
  • Clear communicator who can easily translate complex information


Program developer 2017-present

Organization: Upwork

  • Conversion program development of Google map coordinates, KML from map tiles using GitHub repositories
  • Automate the extraction and visualization of data using Beautiful Soup, NumPy and Pandas Python Libraries
  • Data scraping, data cleaning and visualization from dynamic websites
  • Developed technical and educational content/tutorials

Teaching Assistant 2015-2017

Institute: National University of Science and Technology NUST, Islamabad Pakistan Subject: Digital System Design, Image Processing

  • Assisted faculty in teaching, developing resources, conducting and grading the assessments/quizzes/term projects
  • Conducted electronics lab sessions, prepared tutorials and presentations
  • Assisted remotely through email/TeamViewer and also maintained regular office hours to advise students

Research Assistant 2012-2014

Institute: Centre of Excellence in FPGA and ASIC research CEFAR National University of Science and Technology NUST, Islamabad Pakistan Project: Secure Dial- FPGA based AES encryption of voice channel

  • Developed AC_97 codec controller in FPGA
  • Interfaced modules from TX/RX channels for ADPCM compression and AES encryption, RFID card interfacing
  • Implemented design in Hardware (FPGA) of SIFT Algorithm stages
  • Implemented Inter integrated circuit I2C bus Master Controller in Verilog

Courses & Certifications

Computer Vision, Kaggle - Dec 2022
Image Classifier with Keras, Custom Convnet, Transfer Learning, Data Augmentation

Intermediate Machine Learning, Kaggle - Aug 2021
XGBoost, Pipelines, Leakage, Missing values, Categorical variables, Cross-validation

Intro to Machine Learning, Kaggle - Aug 2021
Scikit-learn, Random Forest, Decision Tree

Intro to Deep Learning, Kaggle - Aug 2021
Deep learning, TensorFlow, Deep neural networks, SGD

Introduction to Data Science in Python, University of Michigan - March 2021
Lambdas, NumPy, Pandas, Data manipulation and cleaning, Statistical analyses

Machine Learning by Andrew Ng, Standford University - ongoing
Supervised and unsupervised learning, Regression, Neural networks, Error analysis

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Training, Esupak Uet - Aug 2007
Network fundamentals, Network access, IP connectivity, IP service


Masters in Electrical Engineering

National University of Science and Technology NUST ISL Pakistan,2016
Thesis: Partial reconfigurable architecture for isomer implementation on FPGA, CGPA 3.6/ 4.0

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

University of Engineering and Technology UET Lahore Pakistan, 2012
Awarded gold medal & honours degree, CGPA 3.84 / 4.0